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Welcome to our "Useful Sites" page, here you will find a list of helpful websites with information regarding the work we do. If you wish to have your site listed on this page, please contact us using either the contact form on the "Contact us" page, or alternativly please feel free to email us on

Roll of honour -

"This site is dedicated to those men and women who fell fighting for their country. Recorded here are various war memorials within a variety of counties, it is fully intended to complete as many war memorials in the United Kingdom as possible. The counties and the war memorials completed for each are listed on a separate page. Photographs have been taken of the majority of the memorials, details of the men included and their photographs where possible. All counties are based on the pre-1974 reorganisation of the political divisions in the United Kingdom. The main sections have a menu at the top of the page of sections that are available, these are on drop down lists. A site map has been provided as well."

Ashford Fallen -

"A gate way to Kent Fallen, created by David W Hughes, Neil R Clark and Kyle Tallet. This site has now been obsorbed into"

David W Hughes : Neil R Clark : Kyle D Tallett